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Marine Surveyors​
Trustworthy, Efficient, Professional and Reliable​

Who We Are ?​​

Independent Surveyors in China

Qingdao Ever Maritime Co., Ltd. provides all clients with professional services of the Marine Surveys, Bunker Surveys, On/Off Hire Survey, Ship Condition Survey, Cargo Damage Survey, P&I Surveys, Hull And Machinery Damage Survey, Maritime Investigation, Ship Purchase Condition Survey And Ship Price Appraisal, Loss Prevention Survey, Pollution Response Agreement, SPRO Agreement, Risk Management For Marine Projects, P&I Club Pre-Entry Condition Surveys, Bunker Sample Analysis, etc.

We welcome all customers to contact us for further information.

Operational Values

Our mission is to conduct our activities of marine and cargo surveys and inspections, continuously improving our quality, and putting us one step ahead of the expectations of our customers.

Core Values

We will support, and further develop an organisation that:
  • Is focused on continuous improvement
  • Meets customer expectations
  • Complies with applicable legislation
  • Communicates openly and encourage responses
  • Ensures adequate training
  • Provides a safe work environment
  • Encourages initiative, innovation and creativity
  • Recognizes individual and team achievements

Professional Ethics

  • 24/7 Availability 
  • Coverage in all the ports of China 
  • Competitive cost and quick quote 
  • Competent professionals with in-depth industry knowledge
  • To offer the highest possible quality of work. 
  • To reduce the downtime for our clients to absolute minimum. 
  • To minimize the expenditures of our clients by working cost-effective. 
  • To create long-term relationships with our clients thanks to an open and no-nonsense communication in a transparent organization. 
  • To create and maintain a motivating and safe working environment for our employees with respect for the applicable social legislation and for our environment. 
  • To be a stable and renowned marine surveys and ship services provider in China.

What makes us Unique?


24/7 availability and quick quote


Covered all the ports of China


Reliabl skills with competitive cost


In-depth industry knowledge

One-Stop Marine Solutions

QINGDAO EVER MARITIME CO., LTD is a leading Marine Service provider in China.
We specialize in providing ONE-STOP SOLUTION for all kind of MARINE SURVEYS, SERVICES, REPAIR NEEDS AND SUPPLIES to the ocean-going vessels calling Chinese ports. We are here to serve marine and trading industries in a most efficient, reliable, safe and cost-effective way to the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Selected Cases

Bunker Surveys - ROB

The Surveys are carried out for determining the quantity of Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil remaining on board a ship, at any time.

Bunker Surveys - BQS

These surveys are an important loss-prevention measure since documentation of bunker operations is required in the event of a dispute or claim.

Ship Condition Survey

A conditional survey is performed to inspect and record the condition of the loading gear, cargo holds and hatches of the vessel.

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