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Ship pre-purchase inspection is one of the most exhaustive types of inspection. The scope is the full inspection of the ship, supplemented by special areas of concern or any clientu2019s needs.

Ship Pre-Purchase Inspection

We can attend any type of ship, tanker, bulk-carrier, container-ships, ferry, ro-ro, car-carriers, livestock vessels, etc., to carry out pre-purchase inspection in order to asses the condition of the ship prior to be purchased.

We carry out ship pre-purchase inspections on behalf of buyers, appointed by a wide range of companies: Global Inspection Companies, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, S&P Companies, etc.

Ship Pre-Purchase Inspection Scope

Ship pre-purchase inspection involves the complete inspection of the ship:

  • Hull, decks and deck machinery.
  • Cargo spaces, equipment and machinery.
  • Bridge, navigation and communication equipment
  • Accommodation spaces.
  • Ballast tanks and void spaces.
  • Engine Room and all machinery spaces.
  • LSA and FFE.
  • Technical documentation and maintenance records.
  • Statutory and Class certificates.
  • Specific buyeru2019s requirements to target.

Complementary Services

To complement a ship pre-purchase inspection, we can carry out different types of specific inspections, regarding main concerns and clientu2019s requirements. Sometimes, at the request of our client, we can also carry out an ultrasonic test in order to assess the water tightness of the hatch covers or the watertight doors. Ever Maritime surveyors own calibrated Ultrasonic Equipment and specific operator training courses.

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