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What is 221B (or Bunker Detective) Survey?

    What is 221B (or Bunker Detective) Survey?

    221B or bunker detective surveys are carried out by our surveyors on behalf of the charters to find concealed (hidden) bunker fuel onboard.

    In order to prevent the loss of bunker fuel, our qualified bunker surveyors will offer impartial, independent quantity measurement inspection services for marine fuel, providing a detailed bunker survey report highlighting and assuring the not declared fuel onboard.

    How Bunker Fuel is Concealed?

    There are many ways to conceal fuel on a vessel – some of the examples are:

    • Hidden compartments
    • Use of ‘magic pipes’
    • Altered-sounding pipe lengths
    • Non-class approved and/or altered-sounding tables
    • Sounding tapes not properly calibrated

    After completion of the survey, we provide the client with a detailed report, signed and stamped by our surveyor, the captain and the chief engineer of the vessel.