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What is the ship on/off hire survey?

    What is the ship on/off hire survey?

    Whether you are the Charter or the Owner of a vessel, it is important to have the vessel’s bunker quantities assessed at the start and close of a charter period.

    An on/off hire survey is usually done in combination with a condition survey.

    When a ship commences a time charter it is said to be “delivered” to the Character. When the use of the ship has come to an end it is said to be “redelivered” to the shipowner.

    During the period of the time charter, the Charter provides the bunkers for the ship to use.

    These bunkers must be provided at delivery of the charter or the charter takes over the bunkers that are on board at delivery. When he returns the use of the ship to the owner (redelivery) the owner takes over the bunkers that are still remaining on board.

    Naturally, each party will want to state the number of bunkers on board at the appropriate time and disputes can arise.

    To minimize this source of dispute between the shipowner and the charter, our independent surveyor will carry out an

    on-hire survey on delivery or/and an off-hire survey on redelivery. The surveyor will sound the tanks, calculate and certify the fuel that is on board.

    The survey report that you will receive can be of assistance to substantiate claims.

    After completion of the survey, we provide the client with a detailed report, signed and stamped by our surveyor, the captain and the chief engineer of the vessel.